Engaging fans in a meaningful way to drive brand recognition and revenue growth is at the heart of pro sports, and Vandervort Digital founder Amanda Vandervort has extensive experience developing the Social Media strategies, policies and procedures at Women’s Professional Soccer. Check out Amanda’s personal blog to learn more about the press she’s received.

We’ll help you craft a league-wide social media plan that takes a grassroots approach while considering top-level Marketing Standards and Public Relations policies. We’ll then help train staff, athletes, coaches and executives on the who, what, when, why, where and how to engage via social channels.


Whether they’re shouting at a baseball pitcher, commenting on a blog, or Tweeting about how great their favorite player is, sports fans expect to be heard. They’re going crazy for social media because it offers them a channel to engage before, during and after the game.

Sports teams can harness this enthusiasm to grow awareness in the local community, develop location-based marketing opportunities for sponsors and create fun promotions that fans will love. Tools like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, GoWalla, FanVibe, and Groupon can provide effective ways to engage and influence current/potential season ticket holders.

Get more people to engage in your league, team, and the sponsors who support you, and the revenue will be quick to follow.